Sanlam Now Cover – Designed for intermediaries

We’re proud to introduce the newly integrated Sanlam Now Cover platform, designed for intermediaries to close the deal and sign up clients to Life and Disability cover right then and there.

The simple online process involves a quick needs analysis which generates a quote and allows the intermediary to submit an application immediately. All via one integrated platform and a world-first. And the best part? The whole process takes just a few minutes with full commission.  

A single platform that provides:
  • Needs analysis
  • Quotation
  • Medical questions
  • Application
  • Integrated electronic signatures, and
  • Record of advice
Look out for the Sanlam Now Cover tile in SanPort Secure Access as of 9 April 2019 and interactive marketing pack which includes all the information you need to get started.

The launch of Sanlam Now Cover will be promoted via internal and external intermediary channels including Money Marketing, FA news and Cover magazine.

Ready to turn 'just now' into right now? Access Sanlam Now Cover via SanPort Secure Access today.

The campaign kicks off on 9 April 2019.