Sanlam Personal Loans (SPL)

Did you know that 1m (65%) of all Sanlam clients have unsecured loans with other lenders?

Submit leads on SanPort [Clients, My clients, Create Sanlam Personal Lead] and receive speedy feedback on the status of the lead.  Earn 2% of the approved loan amount + R1000.

If your client is not yet a Sanlam Reality member but have a Sanlam Personal Loan, get them to join and earn an additional referral fee of R250 for the Sanlam Reality lead OR R1200 if you sell both the Sanlam Personal Loan and Sanlam Reality at the same time.

Sanlam Multi Data (B2B)

Do you have clients who own a small to medium size business, or who are decision makers in schools, churches and NPO's?
Do they collect money for services or schools' fees, levies, debt, rentals, donations, tithes or subscriptions?
Do they need to pay salaries and creditors?

Then Sanlam Multi Data might be the solution - speedy, secure debit order collections and payments processing to all South African Banks, while saving clients' money.

Submit referrals to Archie Smith and earn R1000 on client contracting and successful vetting, with an additional R4000 on commencement of transactions on the Sanlam Multi Connect system.

Sanlam GAP Cover and Health Advice

Sanlam's integrated health offering comprises advice on medical scheme options and gap cover solutions that will suit individual needs, including those of your business market clients who want to offer a health solution to their employees.

1. If you are accredited for healthcare products:
  • Earn full commission for gap and 70% on-going commission on advice on Bonitas and Fedhealth.
2. If you are not accredited for healthcare products:
  • Earn 30% commission as a referral fee on Bonitas, Fedhealth and Sanlam Gap Cover successful conversions.
3. Primary Healthcare:  30%

Enquiries:  Sanlam Healthcare Consultants
Western Cape and PE:  Anton Foster
Gauteng and Free State:  Moleboheng Motloaetsi
KwaZulu-Natal:  Somikazi Zitumane